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In Adria Infinity, in cooperation with our partners, we build individual design houses according to the investor wishes, at the most stunning locations over Croatia

Building your home has never been easier
      fixed price                             4 months                             perfect location                           key in hand
fixed price      4 months     perfect location      key in hand
As part of its diverse database of projects, Adria Infinity offers its clients a complete service of building a prefabricated dream house anywhere in Croatia at a fixed price, formed on the basis of your wishes and preferences.

The demand for prefabricated houses in the world is growing day by day and more and more people are opting for safer and eco-friendly construction. Depending on the size and characteristics of the house, a prefabricated house can be made in as little as 2 months. The construction of most prefabricated houses on a “key in hand” basis takes about 4-5 months, which is much faster than today’s classic construction, which usually takes at least a year or can even take several years.
The popularity of such houses lies in the diversity they offer and the possibility of building almost anywhere, from sparsely populated areas to larger cities. Prefabricated houses are the most popular and sought after among clients looking for peace and relaxation from the hectic city life. This is why more and more people are building prefabricated houses as their cottages in which they like to stay.

Advantages of prefabricated houses

Fast construction                                 Safer living                                        Thermal insulation
Long-term financial well-being                             Comfort.                                                             Eco-friendly
Investment transparency                                              Modern technology                          Adaptable to all climates
Simple extension                  Pre-defined costs.                    Investment transparency
Saving time                                                                  Guarantee

Advantages of prefabricated houses
Fast construction    Safer living    Thermal insulation    Long-term financial well-being    Comfort    Eco-friendly    Investment transparency    Modern technology   Adaptable to all climates    Simple extension   Pre-defined costs   Investment transparency    Saving time   Guarantee

How can a prefabricated house be built in just 4 months?

The construction of prefabricated houses takes place in controlled conditions, which do not depend on weather conditions or waiting for a quality workforce. This leads to easier organization of work and the assembly of the house itself. In this way, less waste is generated because the amount of material is precisely planned, which makes it environmentally friendly from the start. The installation of the building itself can be completed in a few days, while the building can be completely completed from the outside in just 20 days.

Eco friendly

Apart from the fact that the assembly itself refers to the reduction of construction material waste, prefabricated houses have a number of eco-friendly segments, which achieves additional quality of the house. With a smaller wall thickness and at the same time a larger living area, the prefabricated house consumes 5 times less energy for heating and cooling, which results in a reduction in electricity and water costs by up to 90%. 

That is why prefabricated houses belong to the top three energy classes: A +, A and B. Prefabricated elements are composed of a load-bearing wooden structure that is filled with thermal insulation and at the same time provides safety.


Prefabricated houses need to meet the same security requirements as traditional houses which means we can insure them like any other property. Thanks to the characteristics of the wood from which they are built, prefabricated houses are much more earthquake resistant than standard houses. As they are lighter than traditional houses due to their construction materials, they can withstand earthquakes more easily because the seismic force of an earthquake is proportional to the weight of the structure. 

Prefabricated houses are also covered with special boards that additionally protect them from fire, and the wood itself will quickly create a layer of charcoal on itself, which will prevent further spread of the fire. As far as winds are concerned, prefabricated houses can withstand gusts of over 200 km / h, and the weight of the prefabricated building itself is large enough to provide the necessary safety. There is no doubt that these facts are precisely the reasons why more and more clients are choosing to build prefabricated houses that also represent the safety of living.

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New technology

In order to further increase their competitiveness in the market, and thus the desired “wow” effect of the customer, the construction of prefabricated houses includes all the latest technology which together with quality materials gives the same visual identity of finished houses as it would be with brick houses. Due to the different possibilities of visual identities of houses, today there are numerous inquiries for the construction of luxury prefabricated houses consisting of a number of modules such as floors with built-in staircase, heaters, air conditioners, swimming pools and other installations. Luxury or classic, prefabricated house is an ideal opportunity for you to move into your dream home in just a few months.

Fixed price

According to the “turn-key” system, you are buying a prefabricated house that is ready to move in immediately and on which all the work has been completed. Depending on your wishes and in constant communication with you, every detail of the house is taken care of and a fixed price is formed in advance based on that. The price of the house of course depends on the size of the house, the larger the house, the lower the price per square meter. The final price of a prefabricated house will also be determined by the quantity and quality of additional equipment such as a canopy, staircase, lighting and heating system, quality of furniture and interior decor.

 In agreement with the investor, an individual cost estimate is made, after the approval of which the construction can start. Of course, throughout the construction itself, minor modifications are allowed if you change your mind about your preferences. 

According to the “turnkey” agreement, our client pays a fixed price regardless of possible unforeseen costs, which is another great benefit of this type of construction.

We offer to our investors turn-key solutions. Based on our insight knowledge we are proud to say that we cooperate with best companies for prefabricated house buildings in Croatia. Our partners offer the highest quality materials available on the market which is widely recognized
On the other hand, we have a wide base of land plots, on the top locations with beautiful sea views with very low prices.

The best part? Your dream house can be built within just 4 months!

Let’s create a home that is healthier and more efficient – while being kind to the environment.

In order for us to find the ideal solution for your wishes, feel free to contact us via the contact form or directly by invitation.

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