Pag Island

Excellent investment opportunity on one of the most beautiful Croatian islands

In Croatia, we found a top location for the construction of Eco camp and tourist resort, which is located on the island of Pag and spanned over 434,900 m2 . The construction zone is 220,000 m2, and the rest of the land can be converted into construction land after having used up these 220,000 m2. On these 210,000 m2, 7 family farms can be built, with facilities of 400 m2 that can be excellent guesthouses with special stories and quality.
This unique project will be one of the most desirable destinations for many tourists and eco enthusiasts. The service provided in this camp is intended to be at highly professional level which will be guaranteed by eco certificates that the company will attain.
Pag is one of the most popular Croatian islands. It has a world-wide fame for its clean and vivid natural environment. Various high quality product come from this island thus helping it create an image of an internationally recognized place. This location will be ideal for an eco-camp since it will enable our visitors to enjoy the beauty of this island
The possibilities of this project are diverse and depend on the investors’ preferences. The demand for camps in Croatia is persistent, which is proven by the fact that only 10 km from our land there are camps “Straško”, which are the most modern camps in Europe and are full almost 100% from April.
total area in square meter
square meter in the construction sector
years expected completion time
rise in demand for camping resorts

Plot is located near the town of Šimuni on the island of Pag, one of the most beautiful Croatian islands located in the Zadar archipelago, only about 3 kilometres away from the city of Pag


Pag Camp

Airport zadar 62km

Zrće beach 18km

Town of Pag

The spatial plan was accepted and defined zones T2 (hotels and villas), T3 (autocamp) and R6 and R7 (sports and recreational content). There is a possibility of building beach facilities and a wooden mooring offered by a belt length of 450 m. This land is an ideal location for a profitable project that offers a wide range of opportunities for investors and which we are ready to carry out as soon as possible

The conceptual design can be changed according to the wishes of investors

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